Hi my name is Jackie Larayne and I have been involved with the Tarot since my early teens in the 1970s.I LOVE the Tarot, Viking runes and more recently have started to use the oracle cards of shadow and light which make my readings burst into life!!I remember my nan Bessie giving readings in the village of Rishton as a child in the 1960s and knew I wanted to help people like her in the future.I m a Scorpio sun sign with my rising sign in Scorpio and my moon in Pisces which makes me one of the MOST INTUITIVE signs in the zodiac.I am 54 and have a wealth of life experience having lived in London,Dundee.The Highlands of Scotland and many places in Europe.I speak fluent French and passable Spanish and understand basic Urdu and Russian.I hold a degree in History and Philosophy and have qualified as a reiki healer and sports massage therapist which greatly enjoy as I am a solitary creature and like the wolf I thrive as a sole trader.

I am a member of TABI and love to attend the annual tarot conferences in London.....you wont be disappointed so book a reading with me and let's have a confidential tarot counselling session because TALKING IS PRICELESS!!!



Hello Tarot Lovers!

Just to recap I have had an abiding interest in the Tarot since the 1960s....I attend the Blackburn Spiritual Church on a regular basis and interact with like-minded people and love to go to Todmorden to see my Tarot friends and exchange readings whenever I can.....I worked for years on the Preston psychic lines and more recently the psychic lines in London and decided I would like to offer my own readings on YOU TUBE which I intend to do asap so try and be patient lol!! I can read the Tarot cards,Oracle of shadows and light for you AND cast the runes so I can throw light on your love,career or general questions re your life.I have many Tarot decks: RIDER WAITE,ANNA K (my personal favourite) MYTHIC TAROT,DRUID TAROT & THE CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT.



CELTIC CROSS SPREAD (10 cards) for a specific question on love,career etc... £15 half hour GBP or 31 USD SKYPE or EMAIL

GENERAL ALL PURPOSE 32 CARD READING ideal for general questions in your life and very detailed £25 hour GBP or 31 USD SKYPE or EMAIL

I DO NOT ACCEPT cheques I only offer PAYPAL as a means of payment.

  • All I can say is thank you Jackie me my daughter and I  are 2 happy ladies ....your phone readings helped us see the end of the tunnel
    Laura J (London)
  • Became friends with Jackie on Facebook and said I would pay her for a reading via email go girl me and my honey Donna are back together 2 cups lol and the Sun card you said....Be in touch again girl !!
    Martha B ( Nashville USA)
  • I had a reading at my house with Jackie in November 2016; she hit the nail on the head regarding  my financial and lovelife .She read the past, present and future cards for me initially then progressed to the Celtic Cross spread.....I will be back Jackie for a reading after Christmas and would like you to do a detailed 32 card general reading. Thank you love & light.
    Lynn M (Rishton,Lancs)



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